I’m an Australian philosopher and ethicist, based in Sydney.

I have a PhD in philosophy. My thesis focussed on military ethics, the post-war experience of veterans and the relevance of concepts like virtue and character in talking about the morality of war today.

I write two regular columns for New Philosopher – one on ethical dilemmas and one answering philosophical questions from children. I’m also the resident ethicist on Short & Curly, a widely-acclaimed, award-winning podcast discussing ethics for kids which is produced by the ABC. In 2016, I won the Australasian Association of Philosophy Media Prize for my work in public philosophy.

I’ve discussed a range of subjects including military ethics, moral injury and PTSD, cyberwar, torture, and medical ethics in book chapters, scholarly articles, radio interviews, public opinion pieces, and at academic conferences both domestically and internationally. I’m passionate about public philosophy and philosophy communication, and discuss philosophical and ethical questions in popular media outlets.

I’ll appear on your radio or TV show to talk about ethics, write an article for you, speak on your panel, interview your special guest, join in on your podcast or help out with your research. Just contact me with your ideas!