The Moral Equivalent of Anzac?

A century on from the Gallipoli landing, perhaps it is time to consider whether Anzac Day still serves moral purposes in the way that it once did. Does our relationship to Anzac Day and the Anzac legend need to change? Is it still an effective form of thanks to our warriors? How useful is the Anzac role model as a tool in the development of moral character?

As former Australian Army Officer James Brown’s book Anzac’s Long Shadow argues, civilians, ADF personnel, and war itself have all changed since the Gallipoli landing, and yet our rituals have remained more or less the same. If April 25th is to feature on the national calendar in another century’s time, perhaps our relationship Anzac needs to develop further.

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Moral hyperopia: Tony Abbott can see the forest, it’s the trees he’s overlooking

When Prime Minister Tony Abbott was asked about dwindling support for his own party – ironically by ardent supporter Miranda Devine – last week, he responded that the people of NSW’s South Coast gave no indication that they believed his government to be in “diabolical trouble.” Instead, Abbott insisted that his party are “only ones with a plan for our country’s future.”

One wonders what the folks of Sussex Inlet think now.

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