Media Commentary

10285811_959929047373468_4242219672532414186_oI occasionally weigh into public debate as a media commentator on subjects of ethics and moral philosophy. I’ve published opinion pieces with a number of media outlets including The Age, The Canberra Times, ABC Religion and Ethics, The Drum, The Guardian, andThe Conversation, where I’m a regular columnist for Cogito. I’ve also provided commentary on local and national radio and been a guest panelist on the television show The Moral Compass. A full list of appearances (with links where possible) is available below.

‘Extreme ethics: should we tolerate extremist thinking?’,, 18 August 2015,

‘Bioethics is a moral imperative: a reply to Steven Pinker’, The Conversation, 31 July 2015, 

‘OK, so you think you’re a vampire. Whose job is it to tell you you’re not?’, The Guardian, 31 July 2015,

‘Arrow and philosophy, part three: homecoming and combat trauma’, The Conversation, 30 July 2015,

‘I triggered my audience whilst lecturing on PTSD. Here’s what I learned’, The Guardian, 15 July 2015,

‘Ethics isn’t just useful, it’s our only hope for moral progress’, The Drum, 10 July 2015,

‘Arrow and philosophy, part two: the morality of killing and violence’, The Conversation, 29 June 2015,

Radio interview with Lindra Mottram on the ethics of the appearance of Zaky Mallah on ABC’s Q&A program, ABC 702, June 24 2015

‘Hiding ethics classes from parents is bad faith’, The Conversation, 23 June 2015,

‘How should we think about war? Understanding Just War Theory’, 22 June 2015,

‘The Arrow and philosophy, part one: the ethics of vigilantism’, The Conversation, 17 June 2015,

‘The examined life: why philosophy needs to engage with the world, but hasn’t’, The Conversation, 8 June 2015,

‘Finding happiness means knowing where to look’, ABC The Drum, 22 May 2015,

‘Love me, Tinder: How Dating Apps are Killing Romance’, ABC Religion and Ethics, 19 March 2015

– Republished on Mercatornet as ‘Love me tinder, love me true’,

Radio interview: the Ethics of Online Dating on ‘Evenings with Pallavi Sinha’, ABC Local, 17 March 2015

Invited panelist, ‘The Ethics of Online Dating’, St. James Ethics Centre, 17 March 2015

Bali 9 Executions: don’t stand for mercy, stand for justice, Canberra Times, 6 March 2015 (also in print),–stand-for-justice-20150306-13x0sa.html

Interviewee, ‘The Ethics of the War on Terror’, Eureka Street, Vol. 25, No. 3, 17 February 2015,

Interviewee, ‘American Sniper murder trial highlights problems facing traumatised military veterans’, ABC The World Today, 12/2/15,

‘It’s a Hell of a Thing’: American Sniper and the True Cost of Killing’, ABC Religion and Ethics, 11/2/15,

‘The moral life might seem boring, but it takes imagination to live it’, The Conversation, 7/1/15,

‘Love, wisdom and wonder: three reasons to celebrate philosophy’ The Conversation, 20/11/2014,

‘Inside the mind of a torturer’ ABC The Drum, 10/10/14,,

‘Confronting the Complexity of ‘Evil’ from Islamic State to Ebola’, ABC Religion and Ethics, 30/9/2014,,

Guest radio commentator, ABC Radio National Drive, 23/9/14,

Guest radio commentator, Hope FM Open House, 19/09/14,

‘Free your mind – but are there ideas we shouldn’t contemplate?’ The Conversation, 15/9/14,

‘What’s behind the spy ‘code of conduct’ between Australia and Indonesia?’ The Guardian, 28/8/14,

Guest panelist, ‘The Moral Compass,’ ABCTV, 31/8/14,

‘Gammy Chanbua and the Problem of Commodification of Persons’, ABC Religion and Ethics, 11/8/14,

‘Good Christian morality is better than bad science’, Eureka Street, 11/8/14,

Guest radio commentator, Sundays with James O’ Loghlin, ABC Local, 10/8/14,

‘Sacrificing Liberty in the Pursuit of Security’, ABC The Drum, 7/8/14,

‘Why the UN should send peacekeepers into Gaza’, Crikey, 4/8/14,

‘Blood, tears, and ethics in Gaza’, Eureka Street, 24/7/14,

‘The world is burning, but remember our sympathy only goes so far,’ The Guardian Australia, 22/7/14,

Guest radio commentator, ‘Ethicist warns of risk to Australia’s reputation,’ Radio New Zealand International, 17/7/14,’s-reputation

Guest panelist, ‘The Moral Compass,’ ABCTV, 13/7/14,

‘Accusations of Moral Blackmail are Cruelly Simple,’ The Drum, 9/7/14,

Guest radio commentator, ABC Radio National Drive, 8/7/14,

‘The Virtue of Proportionate Response: Why Israel Must Resist Personal Vengeance,’ ABC Religion and Ethics, 3/7/14,

‘Honour Killings: Crossing the Line with a Dangerous Idea,’ The Age, 25/6/14,  (also in print)

‘Deserters aren’t born, but made: Bowe Bergdahl and moral injury,’ The Conversation, 17/6/14,

‘Disillusionment and Moral Injury: the Curious Case of Bowe Bergdahl’, ABC Religion and Ethics, 3/6/14,

Guest radio commentator, ABC Radio National Drive, 6/5/14,

‘Supporting Our Veterans: Moral Therapy in Civilian Life,’ ABC Religion and Ethics, 24/4/14,

‘War as Punishment: President Obama’s Syrian Solution’, ABC Religion and Ethics, 2/9/13,

‘An Interview with Chris Turner,’ University of Notre Dame Sydney Alumni Newsletter, 3/3/13,

‘Cardinal numbers: what in God’s name is happening in the Sistine Chapel?’, The Conversation, 13/3/13,

Guest radio commentator, Hack, triple j, 8/3/13,

‘NRL: more than Sharks in the water at Cronulla?’, The Conversation, 7/3/13,

‘From religion to patriotism: how we see the death of the soldier’, The Conversation, 3/7/12,

‘Abbot’s nanny plan isn’t supercalifragilisticexpialidocious’, The Punch, 27/3/12,

‘The biggest bigots are the buggers who blame bigotry’, The Punch, 20/1/12,

‘We don’t expect much from the youth so that’s what we get’, The Punch, 5/11/11,

‘Business or pleasure? Ryan Tandy and the NRL take the fun out of rugby league’, The Conversation, 18/10/11,

Interviewee, ‘The thinking man’s approach to university’, Sydney Morning Herald, 3/9/11,

with Sandra Lynch, ‘Business Ethics: Paradox or Parable?’ AAPAE Newsletter, 1/12/2010,

with Ann-Marie Batten, ‘Honourable People,’ University of Notre Dame Sydney Alumni Newsletter, June 2010,

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