You can reach me via email, or contact me via Twitter, @matthewtbeard.

Otherwise, get in touch with me through The Ethics Centre.

I am available for:

  • Academic and media writing
  • Academic teaching
  • Motivational speaking
  • Professional development training
  • Ethics consultancy
  • Creative projects

Please get in touch with requests, project ideas, or to add to my glowing ‘reviews’ section, below.




A name-dropping, self-congratulatory pop philosopher with nice teeth – Guardian commenter Lightstroke

25 year old ‘ethicist.’ Spare me. – Twitter user @Linksatrology

Well said Matt you flamer – Eureka Street commenter Dr Van Nostrum

Essentially pointless – ABC The Drum commenter Bluedog

Matthew, every time someone like you writes a bleeding heart story like this my heart hardens just a little bit more – ABC The Drum commenter Evan

You are all a useless bunch – Twitter user @Brezici